Tuesday, 19 August 2014

X is for X Ray

Historical Novelist’s A-Z of Writing


X is for X-ray


By the time I finish a novel, I am so familiar with it that my brain switches off and I see what should be on the page instead of what is actually on it.


I need X-ray eyes to make sure the novel is as perfect as possible before I submit it to my publisher.


First of all, I use the grammar and spell check to make sure there are no grammatical errors or spelling mistakes.

Next, I read the novel from beginning to end checking the contents. Are the details correct? Is there too much or too little description? Is there enough emotion? Is the pace too fast or too slow in each scene? Is there a hook at the end of each chapter which will make the reader want to read on?


With regard to the last question, I was delighted by an e-mail from a policewoman in South Africa, who was due to go on duty at 6 a.m. Before she went to sleep she decided to read a little from my novel Tangled Love set in Queen Anne Stuart’s reign 1702-1714. Many cups of black coffee later when it was nearly dawn she finished reading it. 


After checking the contents, I check the linguistics by highlighting words such as and, was, were, had, that and because to see if I have used them too frequently. Whenever I have I rephrase the sentence.


A final check of the formatting, spelling and grammar and it’s time to submit the novel.


 Rosemary Morris

Historical Novelist


Published by MuseItUp Publishing.


e.books available from MuseItUp Publishing, amazon, nook, kobo and elsewhere, Sunday’s Child, False Pretences,Tangled Love, Far Beyond Rubies,also available as a print book,  and The Captain and The Countess


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