Sunday, 19 October 2014

Waht have you been doing this week?

Apart from writing and 'writerly activities' I caught up with the laundry, tidied the whole house, shopped, cooked and paid bills. Not very interesting. I also dealt with the workmen who put up scaffolding, and removed things from the walls, replaced drainpipes and guttering etc., etc. Definitely not interesting.

I read and reviewed My Heart Still Surrenders by Robbi Perna a fictional life of her Italian great-great-great grandmother a Contessa during the struggled to unify Italy,  and Love in the Afternoon by Penny Vincenzi a collection of short stories.

I supervised two of my grandchildren's swimming lessons, delighted by the progress both of them are making. (I think swimming lessons should be compulsory in schools.) 

I stayed overnight at my daughter's house so I  could give my 5 year-old granddaughter her birthday presents in the morning.

On Saturday night I stayed at one of my d-i-l's house to look after two of her children while she and her older son attended a quiz night at his secondary school. Before I went home we went to lunch at a Chinese vegetarian restaurant where we could eat as much as se wanted to. The food was delicious so it was hard not to over eat.

Today, I'm looking after my daughter's three children. This morning I took her younger son to play in a football match. His team won 4 - 1 and he saved half a dozen goals. His 5 year old sister, dressed in a green and yellow Tinkerbell Dress with pink Fairy wings fastened to it, had a drink and some biscuits in the club house. To occupy her I took her gigantic set of crayons, pencils and felt pens and a Princess Fairy colouring book.  She insisted on me doing some colouring. Deep sigh because I felt a fool sitting there colouring the little mermaid's face purple. She chose the colours, I did the hard work.

I returned to my daughter's house, gave them lunch  and then supervised homework. I've now allowed them to play on their gadgets until three p.m., when I'm sending them out to get some fresh air in the garden. Well, we might as well take advantage of the mild weather. At 4 p.m. the boys must finish their homework and then it will be some time before my daughter comes home, by which time they will probably be in bed.

So, what did you do this week?

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